Download process to keep in sync with WebHotelier bookings.

This section describes the standard procedure a 3rd party system has to follow in order to download and keep in sync with WebHotelier bookings.

When booking sync is enabled for an API account, every new, modified or cancelled booking is added to a special sync-queue. This queue can be queried to provide the pending-for-sync list of booking confirmation numbers. The API user is responsible to remove from the queue any booking that has successfully downloaded and stored.

PULL mode Request flow

Either trigger the below process on-demand or repeat every x minutes (5' recommended for high traffic properties, 15' for normal).

  1. Call List Pending Bookings. The response will provide a list of booking confirmation numbers that have been added, modified or cancelled since the last call of this API method, or previous ones that have not been marked as synced.
  2. Loop over the above list of fetched booking confirmation number and download full info for each one with Booking Retrieval
  3. For each booking you have successfully processed and stored to your system, call Mark as Synced, in order for this booking to be cleared out of the sync-queue.


The functionality described in this document requires a Hotelier API account (one account per property).