Use this method to cancel and purge (rollback) a booking.

Table of Contents
  1. URL Endpoint
  2. JSON Response Schema
  3. JSON Response Example

If for whatever reason you want to undo a successful booking action, you can use this method.

For example, if you handle the payment transaction in an automated fashion and the payment transaction fails, you can use this method to revert the actual booking. Or you may have to book additional services from a 3rd party that may fail and want the ability to rollback WebHotelier's booking.

URL Endpoint


Grace Period Warning

This method is only available for 60 minutes after a successful booking.

JSON Response Schema

	"method": "",
	"http_method": "GET",
	"http_code": 200,
	"error_code": "OK",
	"error_msg": "",
	"params": [],
	"data": {
		"result":STRING, // Purge result. Enumerated value: OK in case of successful purge.

JSON Response Example