Returns the list of available voucher bundles.

Table of Contents
  1. URL Endpoint
  2. JSON Response Schema
  3. JSON Response Example

URL Endpoint



This method is only accessible using a Hotelier API account.

JSON Response Schema

		"id":INTEGER, // Bundle id 
		"priority":INTEGER, // Priority
		"name":STRING, // Name
		"description":STRING, // A short description
		"code_count":INTEGER, // Number of voucher codes in the bundle
		"code_limit":INTEGER, // Maximum number of times a code can been applied (empty if not defined)
		"date_from":ISO 8601, // Voucher is valid from this date
		"date_to":ISO 8601, // Voucher is valid until this date
		"special_offer":BOOLEAN,  // Is true if voucher unlocks a special offer 

JSON Response Example