The extras listing method return a list of extra bookable supplements/services for a specific property.


These info may be used only for presentation reason, or for mapping with 3rd party systems. To get the actual available extras with pricing for a specific rate, you may use the Extras Availability.

Table of Contents
  1. URL Endpoint
  2. Method Parameters
  3. JSON Response Schema
  4. JSON Response Example

URL Endpoint


Method Parameters

active boolean NO true &active=0 Set to false to get the list of inactive extras. Only active extras are returned by default

JSON Response Schema

  "method": ""
  "http_method": "GET",
  "http_code": 200,
  "error_code": "OK",
  "error_msg": "",
        "id":INTEGER, // Extra id
        "name":STRING, // Name
        "description":STRING, // Description
        "html":STRING, // HTML presentation
        "active":BOOLEAN, // Indicates if extra is active
        "fromd":ISO 8601, // Period start date (may be empty)
        "tod":ISO 8601, // Period end date (may be empty)
        "price":MONEY, // Extra price
        "per_room":BOOLEAN, // Indicates if extra pricing is per room
        "per_day":BOOLEAN, // Indicates if extra pricing is per day
        "per_adult":BOOLEAN, // Indicates if extra pricing is per adult
        "per_child":BOOLEAN, // Indicates if extra pricing is per child
        "per_infant":BOOLEAN, // Indicates if extra pricing is per infant
        "max_quantity":INTEGER, // Maximum quantity allowed per booking
        "order":INTEGER, // Order #
        A list of connected rates that this extra is available for
            "rate_id":INTEGER, // Rate id
            "price":MONEY, // Extra price override for this specific rate
            "active":BOOLEAN, // Indicates if rate connection is active
            "required":BOOLEAN // Indicates if extra is mandatory/included for this rate

JSON Response Example