Webhotelier offers various booking engine integration options for your website. The most popular methods are the “Direct Link”, “Widget” and “Custom Form”. If you wish to dive right in, please check getting started.


For the majority of websites the recommended integration method is the “Direct Link”. This method offers the fastest way to your customers to open the booking engine.

The “Widget” and “Custom Form” methods are more involved but allow customers to initiate the availability search from within your website. When used, we recommend also adding a direct link to the booking engine in your main menu or in the body of the page in a prominent position.

Integration Options

Option 1: Direct Link (recommended)

Place a direct booking engine link on your website. The link should point to the URL that you received after your property’s setup has completed (example: https://yourproperty.reserve-online.net).

Example A: Call to action button

Example B: Menu item

For a better user experience, please follow the recommendations below:

Option 2: Availability Search Widget

The Availability Search Widget is a simple to use solution for embedding an availability search form in your website.

The widget is a simple iframe element that you can embed anywhere in your page.

You can generate the necessary code for your widget using our Code Generator.



You can customize the look and feel of the widget using CSS.

Option 3: Build a Custom Form

For a completely customized look and feel that perfectly matches your website's design, building a custom HTML form is the recommended method.

Custom form example:

As a starting point, we provide this working example. Feel free to copy it and customize it to your needs.

A well designed form should have the following properties:

Additional Options

Option 4: Weekly Calendar

For properties that require week-long stays, we recommend the weekly calendar widget.

To find out more and build your own widget, click here.

Weekly Calendar Example

Option 5: API

This is the most advanced integration method. Requires server-side technical skills and infrastructure.

Begin integration

To read detailed information about our integration options and supported settings, click on the link below.

CMS Plugins

WebHotelier does not maintain/develop any of the current plugins for Wordpress, Joomla or other CMS systems. We are glad to see open source and 3rd-party releases which provide more integration options. However we cannot recommend one officially. For help & support options please contact their respective authors.

Booking Engine Embedding

Embedding the entire WebHotelier booking engine within iframe is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN because it would violate PCI-DSS compliance.