A 12-month calendar of weekly stays. Perfect for Villas and other properties with pre-allocated 7-day stays.

Embed Script

You can use the following script anywhere on your page to display the weekly calendar.

<iframe src="https://{hostname.domain.tld}/widgets/weekly-calendar/" style="border:none" width=700 height=980></iframe>

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Feel free to modify the IFRAME attributes any way you wish (e.g. to apply border or resize).
The width should be no smaller than 700px for the weekly calendar to fit.
The height should be no smaller than 980px for the weekly calendar to fit.

Fully qualified domain name

Please, replace {hostname.domain.tld} above with your property's booking engine fully qualified domain name (e.g. example.reserve-online.net).

Open in new window

If you choose to open the widget in a new window, just use the iframe src as the URL of the window. Please, make sure that you open a window at least 700px in width.


For smaller screens, please open the weekly calendar in a new page.

Supported Parameters

The following additional URL parameters to the iframe URL are supported .

startDate date (ISO 8601) NO Opening date
or Jan 1st
&startDate=2024-07-24 Use to specify the first date of the year a check-in is allowed. Calendar will display the entire year in 7-day intervals starting from this date.
day string Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun NO day of startDate &day=Sun if startDate does not match day parameter, startDate moves to the next date that matches day parameter.
startMonth integer 1 – 12 NO 1 (January) &startMonth=7 Offset the first month to display. Useful for properties that are open during the winter season. Calendar will still display 12 months.
Only applicable for seasonal properties
year integer this year – (this year + 1) NO 2024 &year=2025 Use this to display the calendar for another year
persons integer min occupancy – max occupancy
(capped to 6+)
NO 2 &persons=3 Occupancy to run availability for
room string varchar(6) NO &room=DBL Only returns availability for specified room type
rate integer NO &rate=448033 Only returns availability for specified rate
board integer 1 – 23 NO &board=19
Returns rates with specified board
bkcode string varchar(255) NO &bkcode=SPECIALRATES Returns private rates that are enabled by specified booking code
voucher string varchar(255) NO &voucher=VCH123 Unlocks special offers
target string NO _top &target=_blank Changes the form's target when clicking on a date
Use "_blank" to open in new window
mode string prices,status NO prices &mode=status When mode is set to 'status' no prices will be displayed.
lang string
am, am-ET
ar, ar-SA
bg, bg-BG
ca, ca-ES
cs, cs-CZ
da, da-DK
de, de-DE
el, el-GR
en, en-GB
es, es-ES
fi, fi-FI
fr, fr-FR
he, he-IL
hr, hr-HR
hu, hu-HU
id, id-ID
it, it-IT
ja, ja-JP
ko, ko-KR
ms, ms-MY
nb, nb-NO
nl, nl-NL
pl, pl-PL
pt, pt-PT
ro, ro-RO
ru, ru-RU
sk, sk-SK
sl, sl-SI
sq, sq-AL
sr, sr-Latn-RS
sv, sv-SE
th, th-TH
tr, tr-TR
uk, uk-UA
zh, zh-CN
NO (auto-detect) lang=es Can be language code (ISO 639-1) or
specific language locale (case-insensitive)