The rate information method returns all available data for a rate.

Table of Contents
  1. URL Endpoint
  2. JSON Response Schema
  3. JSON Response Example

URL Endpoint


JSON Response Schema

	"method": ""
	"http_method": "GET",
	"http_code": 200,
	"error_code": "OK",
	"error_msg": "",
	"params": [],
		"id":INTEGER, // Rate id
		"room":STRING, // Rate room code (each rate belongs to only one room)
		"name":STRING, // Rate name
		"board":INTEGER, // Board ID: see Data Types
		"active":BOOLEAN, // Indicates if rate is active
		"public":BOOLEAN, // Indicates if rate is public or private
		"parent":INTEGER, // Parent rate id. If this value is > 0, it means this rate is a child rate.
		"virtual":BOOLEAN, // Indicates if rate is virtual (imported from 3d party systems e.g Channel Manager)
		"currency":ISO 4217, // Rate currency ISO code
		"url":URL, // API URL for rate info request
		"roomurl":URL, // API URL for room info request
		"roomName":STRING, // Rate room name
		"fromd":ISO 8601, // Rate start date
		"tod":ISO 8601, // Rate end date
		"description":STRING, // Rate short description
		"presentation":STRING, // Rate full html presentation
		"constraints": {
			"expiration":ISO 8601, // Rate expiry date (optional)
			"freeCancelDays":INTEGER, // Days before checkin this rate can be cancelled without cancellation fees
			"earlyBookLimit":INTEGER // Days before checkin this rate can be booked
		"policies": {
			"cancellation":STRING, // Cancellation policy text
			"payment":STRING // Payment policy text

JSON Response Example