The WebHotelier booking engine can be launched from a hotel or other 3rd party website using simple links, complex links or HTML forms.

Direct Link

The easiest way to launch the booking engine is a simple link, e.g.:

<a href="">Book Online</a>

Open In New Browser Tab

If you prefer your link to open the booking engine in a new browser tab, use the html attribute target="_blank":

<a href="" target="_blank">Book Online</a>

Booking Engine URLs

Unless otherwise noted, all HTTP requests should be GET/POSTed to the hotel's booking engine URL:

where [subdomain] replace with the subdomain assigned to each hotel.

For a full list of activated subdomains, you can visit the

Custom Domains

Some properties may use their own custom domain & subdomain. Not all properties have a * subdomain.


All links/forms must target "https://". Non-secure links will still work but will cause a redirect before launching the booking engine. It's highly recommended to always point to the SSL version.

Links & Forms Options

All booking engine links or forms can use one or more parameters as described below. The parameters can be mixed & matched where appropriate for more complex needs.


Some API methods take optional or requisite parameters. A thing to keep in mind when making requests with parameters is that the WebHotelier API expects all data to be converted to UTF-8 and URL encoded. Sending data in any other encoding will result in garbage into WebHotelier. It wont be dangerous garbage (we will always store valid UTF-8) but it will still be garbage.