The booking search method returns a list of WebHotelier bookings. The results in the list can be filtered by various criteria and result paging is supported.

Table of Contents
  1. URL Endpoint
  2. Method Parameters
  3. JSON Response Schema
  4. JSON Response Example

URL Endpoint


Method Parameters

Combined date and time
maxrows integer 1 - 1000 NO 100 &maxrows=10 Limits the number of results in response.
pageNo integer 1+ NO 1 &pageNo=2 Page number if the number of results is greater than maxrows.
order string ASC
NO DESC &order=ASC DESC: Newest to oldest
ASC: Oldest to newest
verbose integer 0
NO 0 &verbose=1 0: Booking confirmation numbers only
1: Basic information
2: Full information
property string varchar(10) NO &property=DEMO The property code.
Only applicable for operator API accounts.
res_id integer 1+ NO &res_id=12345 Booking confirmation number.
If specified, all other filters are ignored.
rm_type string varchar(6) NO &rm_type=DBL Room type code
rate_id integer 1+ NO &rate_id=12345 Rate ID
vch_code string varchar(255) NO &vch_code=VOUCHER Voucher code
bk_code string varchar(255) NO &bk_code=PRIVE Booking code
referer string varchar(255) NO & Booking referer
bk_fromd date (ISO 8601) NO &bk_fromd=2011-01-01 Booked from date
bk_tod date (ISO 8601) NO &bk_tod=2011-01-31 Booked to date
last_mod_fromd date (ISO 8601) NO &last_mod_fromd=2011-01-01
Last modification from date or combined date and time in UTC
last_mod_tod date (ISO 8601) NO &last_mod_tod=2011-01-31
Last modification to date or combined date and time in UTC
chkin_fromd date (ISO 8601) NO &chkin_fromd=2011-01-01 Check-in from date
chkin_tod date (ISO 8601) NO &chkin_tod=2011-01-31 Check-in to date
chkout_fromd date (ISO 8601) NO &chkout_fromd=2011-01-01 Check-out from date
chkout_tod date (ISO 8601) NO &chkout_tod=2011-01-31 Check-out to date
status binary 0 – 1 NO &status=1 0: Cancelled
1: Active
first_name string varchar(30) NO &first_name=John Client's first name
last_name string varchar(30) NO &last_name=Smith Client's last name
email string varchar(255) NO & Client's e-mail address
offline boolean 0 – 1 NO &offline=1 0: Online booking only (booked directly to WebHotelier)
1: Offline bookings only (imported from 3d party systems like a Channel Manager or booked via WebHotelier Legolas)
channelstream boolean 0 – 1 NO &channelstream=1 0: Direct or offline bookings only
1: Channel (imported from 3rd party systems) bookings only
private_rates boolean 0 – 1 NO &private_rates=1 0: Bookings with public rates only
1: Bookings with private rates only (rates that require booking code)
external_id string varchar(64) NO &external_id=EXT-123456 Third party system identifier
source_id integer NO &source_id=171 Booking source id

JSON Response Schema

	"method": "",
	"http_method": "GET",
	"http_code": 200,
	"error_code": "OK",
	"error_msg": "",
	"data": {
		"summary": {
			"records":INTEGER, // Reservation records number 
			"total":INTEGER, // Reservations total number 
		"reservations": [
				"status":BOOLEAN, // 1=Confirmed, 0=Cancelled
				"property":STRING, // Property code
				"id":INTEGER, // reservation Id 

JSON Response Example