Property search method returns the list of WebHotelier properties. The results in the list can be filtered by various geographic and other criteria. Please try to be as specific as possible to avoid huge result sets. As a rule, always set at least one geographical filter.


This method is only accessible using a multi-property (Source or Travel Agent) API account.

Table of Contents
  1. URL Endpoint
  2. Method Parameters
  3. JSON Response Schema
  4. JSON Response Example

URL Endpoint


Method Parameters

name string varchar(255) NO &name=Cavo%20Tagoo Supports substring search e.g. name=Cavo
properties string varchar(4000) NO* &properties=HOTELCODEA,HOTELCODEB A list of property codes
location string varchar(255) NO &location=Athens Any location text will be recognized and geolocation will be performed.
Quota limits apply
country string ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 NO &country=GB Restrict geolocation results in a single country
rating integer 1 – 5 NO &rating=5
New! Filters result based on rating (stars, diamonds, etc)
lat decimal(18,15) -90.0 – 90.0 NO &lat=37.9404933&lon=23.7138433 Latitude / Longitude in decimal degrees.
Radius Mode (REQUIRED):
Location to search from when using radius search.
Bounding Box Mode (OPTIONAL):
Central point (distances will be calculated from this) on bounding box searches.
lon decimal(18,15) -180.0 – 180.0
radius double 1-100 NO 5 &radius=10 Value in kilometers
lat1 decimal(18,15) -90.0 – 90.0 NO &lat1=37.0&lon1=23.0 Latitude / Longitude in decimal degrees.
Bottom left corner (southwest) on bounding box searches.
lon1 decimal(18,15) -180.0 – 180.0
lat2 decimal(18,15) -90.0 – 90.0 NO &lat2=38.0&lon2=24.0 Latitude / Longitude in decimal degrees.
Top right corner (northeast) on bounding box searches.
lon2 decimal(18,15) -180.0 – 180.0
region string ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 NO GR &region=GB Specifies geocoding region bias. Default value is subject to change
sort_by string DISTANCE
NO PRICE &sort_by=NAME  
sort_order string ASC
NO ASC &sort_order=DESC Default sort order is DESC when sort_by=POPULARITY
max_rows integer 1-∞ NO &max_rows=10 Maximum amount of results to return
verbose boolean NO false &verbose Output is similar to "property information" method

When using location, all coordinate parameters will be ignored. If you supply your own set of coordinates DO NOT set the location parameter and you SHOULD set a radius parameter in Km. It is recommended to perform client-side geolocation using a service like Google's Geocoder or Yahoo!'s Geo Technologies and avoid using the location parameter if you expect thousand of unique queries per 24 hours.

When performing bounding box search, you can also pass the lat, lon parameters. The coordinates will not be used for geolocation but they will be used to calculate distances. For example, you can pass the coordinates of a city's center and all distances will be calculated and sorted from that point. If omitted, the center of the bounding box will be automatically used for distances.

JSON Response Schema

	"method": "",
	"http_method": "GET",
	"http_code": 200,
	"error_code": "OK",
	"error_msg": "",
	"params": [
			"type": "URL",
			"name": "location",
			"value": "Crete"
	"data": {
		"hotels": [
				"code":STRING, // Property code  
				"name":STRING, // Property name
				"url":URL, // Property website url (empty if not defined)
				"currency":ISO 4217, // Property default currency code
				"rating":INTEGER,  // Property rating (empty if not defined)
				"type":STRING, // Property type (empty if not defined)
				"infourl":URL,// API URL for property info request
				"bookurl":URL, // Property booking engine url (empty if not defined)
				"photo":URL, // Property photo url (empty if not defined)
				"distance":DECIMAL, // Distance of property from the requested location in km 
				"location": {
					"lat":DECIMAL, // Property geo location latitude (empty if not defined)
					"lon":DECIMAL, // Property geo location longitude (empty if not defined)
					"name":STRING, // Property location name (empty if not defined)
					"country":ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 // Property country code

JSON Response Example