WebHotelier supports a special mode of availability that promotes individual room types, rates or a group of rates that share the same name. The promoted rate(s) are always displayed first. If other rates are found for the same availability request, they are displayed below the promoted rates on a separate table.

Table of Contents
  1. Parameters
  2. Usage
  3. Examples of POST requests
  4. Examples of GET requests


offer string varchar(255) YES* &offer=special_offer  
rate integer 1 – ∞ YES* &rate=123
Can be a list of rates (comma-separated)
room string varchar(6) YES* &room=STD
Matches room codes, not names.
Can be a list of room codes (comma-separated)
direct void NO &direct Automatically selects the first available rate if present
and directly displays the payment form
exclusive void NO &exclusive Only presents rates that match the offer or room parameters.


When using this method, the system automatically launches availability. The checkin date defaults to rate start or today's date.

* Please use one of offer, rate, or room parameters. If no rates are found matching the promotion or the rates are no longer active or available, then the default availability table is displayed.

The offer parameter consists of the rates name in lowercase format. All spaces are replaced with the underscore character (_) and all other special characters should be URL encoded. Using this parameter promotes all rates that share the same name. The rate parameter only promotes the rate with same id.

The room parameter accepts the room code. Room names will be ignored.

The offer or rate parameters can be combined with Availability parameters.


Do not forget to replace example.reserve-online.net in the examples below with the real booking engine hostname.

If you don't know the hostname yet, please contact WebHotelier support.

Example of POST request using a standard HTML form

<form action="https://example.reserve-online.net/" method="post">

	<label>Please select an offer</label>
	<select name="offer">
		<option value="honeymoon_package">Honeymoon Package</option>
		<option value="akropolis_tour">Akropolis Tour</option>

	<button type="submit" class="prime">Check Availability</button>

Examples of GET requests