This API method can be used by PMS vendors to push room physical availability information in WebHotelier.

Table of Contents
  1. What is PMS availability?
  2. Endpoint
  3. Request Body
  4. Examples


PMS availability is not online availability.

Online availability is handled by the External Management - Availability method.

Read below to figure out which method you should use.

What is PMS availability?

WebHotelier has a special availability period called "PMS availability". This availability can be set up to reflect the physical availability(actual number of rooms) of the property.

When PMS availability is activated, an extra line with the PMS availability appears on the availablity plan just above the normal Base/Online availability as a reference to compare the online availability(what the property sells online) with the physical availability(how many rooms the property actually has available).

Many properties choose their PMS to not update the Base/Online availability since they do not want to sell all their rooms online, or because they may have more complex rules to distribute their availability to the various booking channels. In this case, they choose their PMS to update the PMS availability, in order to have it as a reference for what they sell and what the actually have.

So it's not about what is better, it's about what fits the property's way of handling online availability.

URL Endpoint



This method is only accessible using a Hotelier API account.

This method is only accessible using a POST request.

Request Body

Post a JSON document with the following structure:

    "ROOMCODE": [
		{"from":ISO 8601,"to":ISO 8601,"allot":INTEGER}, // Date period update
		{"date":ISO 8601,"allot":INTEGER} // Single-day updates


Request body must be in valid JSON format.

Updates are made only if the entire request body is successfully parsed and validated.

Example Update Object

	"DBL": [
	"TRP": [

Example Request

curl -k -s -S \
-H 'Accept:application/json' \
-u username:password \
-d '{"DBL":[{"from":"2024-05-10","to":"2024-05-20","allot":15},{"date":"2024-05-25","allot":12}],"TRP":[{"from":"2024-05-10","to":"2024-05-20","allot":10},{"date":"2024-05-22","allot":10}]}'